The best 3 advices for a perfect summer job abroad


3 advices for a perfect summer job abroad. Well, the winter passed, now we enjoy the spring (or not!). Some of us are happy because finally they will get rid of their winter clothes, some are happy because in some areas is still snowing and they like the snow very much!

Anyway, spring means reborn of nature, but also a sign of hope and positive thoughts about a better year than the previous one.

We are young, we are positive and have a lifetime to reach our highest dreams.

But from where to start?

This is a very common question among youngsters in these days. You graduate your high-school studies, then you promote the University.

From there, all your life is a journey to reaching your highest dreams.

However, from where to start my journey?

Some of us choose to get a job to gain financial stability. Then, just fate will decide. However, there are some of us which are looking for reaching high peaks since the beginning. They feel prepared to apply for a job abroad.

But who recruits an expat with not so much experience? Almost nobody.

In this situation, many teenagers make a choose that seems to be fair for both sides:

Apply for a summer job abroad. What are the benefits?

We will mention just a few, because I want to pass fast to the 3 advices I have for those who are searching for a summer job abroad.

One of the benefits could be the chance to gain experience that, in one hand, will help you to know what to do in the future, and in other hand will look good in the resume.

Another benefit could be the chance to get in touch and make exchange of experience with other people from abroad and so you can build some relations that will help you in the future.

A third benefit could be the fact that you have a chance to improve your foreign language skills.

There are plenty of other advantages when you choose a summer job abroad for sure, but let’s make a step forward.

Let’s see what are the best 3 advices that you must keep in mind when you choose a summer job abroad:

  1. Choose a summer job in a country where you can speak their language

At least in a conversational way, I would say. For example, if you want to choose a summer job in Paris, your French language skills must be at least acceptable. It is acceptable if you know at least English for the beginning.

Once with the time spent there, you will definitely improve your language skills.

  1. Choose a summer job that allows you to continue working there if you want to

There are a lot of companies in Europe that wants to recruit persons for summer jobs and, if they do a great job, the company offers them a chance to continue working there.

Of course, if you will want to remain and continue building your career there.

You can try to apply for a job offer that does not necessarily want you to work over the summer, but you can apply anyway because if you do not do a good job, you will make some money and return home.

For example, since a week I keep seeing a sponsored post in my Facebook newsfeed, a recruiting campaign for a Sales Consultant job in Paris, rolled by a luxury cosmetics company called Sakare.

They say that they are opening a new store in downtown Paris and are looking for talented people to sell their products.

This kind of offer sounds very tempting for a young and talented person which looks for a good start for his/her career.

For more information about their offer, visit their landing page.

  1. Choose a summer job that offers you the chance to learn and develop new skills

It is a pity to spend a whole summer in a job that does not offer you any perspectives. You are young and thirsty for new challenges, therefore a job must be ready to help you to reach new perspectives if they want you to remain there.

You can see that this last advice is related with the other two.

If the environment is not beneficial for you, in a way that should help you to open your perspectives to higher peaks, you will not have any strong reasons to remain there after the summer period.


  • choose a country where you are ok with the language
  • choose a summer job that allows you to remain there if you are doing a great job
  • choose a summer job that offers you the chance to develop new skills.

Be open to the new things in your life. You are young and you have only one life. Spend it wisely and do not regret anything. If you make a clever step today, tomorrow you will congratulate yourself. Apply now for a new job in Paris as a sale consultant for Sakare.